Criminal Investigations

  • Wrongful Convictions - We have the ability to review cases, locate and interview witnesses and analyze the evidence.  With our knowledge of the criminal justice system, we can complement your attorney's efforts in overturning your conviction.
  • Criminal Defense - We are able to provide your attorney with investigative support.  We are experienced in conducting homicide, fraud, embezzlement and theft cases.
  • Identity Theft - We have experiencing in investigating identity theft.  Working with you, we can locate the perpetrators and assist in bringing them to justice.
  • Insurance Fraud - We are able to work with individuals or insurance companies in identifying fraud and investigating it.  We use data mining, neighborhood canvassing, background investigation and other techniques required to identify fraud.
  • Worker's Compensation Fraud - With our experience in surveillance and interviewing, we can assist you in identifying a fraudulent claim.

Civil Investigations

  • Tort Cases -We are able to work with your attorney and insurance company in proving your case.  Through our investigative skills, we will assist your attorney in interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and verifying information.
  • Due Diligence - Before you commit your resources to purchasing a company or business, it's important to verify the seller's information.  We are able to do the "footwork" for you.  Through our investigative skills, we can assist you in avoiding any pitfalls.
  • Domestic Cases - Whether it's locating a "deadbeat" parent or identifying and verifying assets in a divorce proceeding, we are able to work with your attorney in ensuring that you receive your fair share.  We will use our skills to locate the "deadbeat" parent in order to identify assets that can be used for child support.  We will use our abilities to identifying and verifying assets that will be divided in a divorce. 

Investigative Services

At Heartland Investigations LLC, each investigation is approached  with a high degree of professionalism, discretion and completeness.  Our private investigators will use every available skill in each investigation conducted.  The goal is to give the client the best product possible.  Our private investigators are trained in surveillance, interviewing and data mining.  Consider Heartland Investigations for your private investigator needs.