Security Services

Heartland Investigations LLC provides security consulting and investigation services. Whether it's your business or home, our private investigators can help you identify vulnerabilities and minimize risk.  We do not offer guard services or security hardware, but we do offer professional advice in better securing your business or home.  Our private investigators will gladly do a "walk-thru" of your business or home and provide you with a detailed security survey.  Whether you seek to better protect your home or have the piece of mind knowing you hired the right people for your business, our private investigators can assist you.   


  • Pre-employment Background Investigations -Whether it's a new employee for your business or the day care provider for your children, it is important to know if you have the right person for the job.  Our private investigators are experienced in conducting full field background investigations.  Not only do we investigate potential employees, our private investigators will gladly conduct background checks on the potential match you met on the internet.  Our private investigator's experience will assist you in making the right decision.   
  • Physical Security Assessment -  Our private investigators will assess the vulnerabilities in your home or business and provide you with professional advice on minimizing your risks.  While our private investigators will not sell you security hardware, nor do we endorse any hardware, we will help you in identifying your security needs.  
  • Risk Assessment -Our private investigators can work with you in identifying the risks in your everyday routine and help you minimize them.  Our private investigators can assess your security and give you professional advice on ways to lessen your odds at being a victim of a criminal.  Our private investigators will assess your routine and give you some advice on how not to be a crime statistic.